Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Reconstruction and Jim Crow

Reconstruction is believed to have started after the Civil War in 1863 and ended in 1877. At this time many African Americans were getting more rights but as soon as it ended so did the rights. After the reconstruction era there was Jim Crow laws. These laws kept african americans who could technically vote from voting and made segregation as we know it. There was push back though during WWII and from the growing membership of the NAACP. The main reason in WWII  for wanting to end Jim Crow is because without equality African Americans would be easier to corrupt with communism. Soon after that the supreme court ruled the Jim Crow laws unconstitutional. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is believed to be the complete end to the Jim Crow laws but Alexander (the author of the article we read) argues that there is still Jim Crow just in new ways and that are not as openly racist as before.

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  1. When thinking about issues that America has in the past with different inequalities and stories of the oppression different races faced, it is interesting to note that the attempts to eradicate those practices was more focused on outside issues rather than human rights. America was more focused and scared about communism than justice and respecting the rights of African Americans. Instead, they changed their policies in order to protect themselves against outside threats instead of respecting human lives.